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Making Traxx to Profitability
The Traxx Family of accounting systems are a collection of true ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) based accounting systems. The Traxx Family is all cloud based and there are no IT (Information Technology) costs associated with our system. We support both PC and MAC and most Web Browsers.
The Traxx Family
Fleet-Traxx is a fleet maintenance management software system. Manage all equipment systems from Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, Chassis and other Auxiliary Components. Set up and track maintenance schedules, track fuel usage.
Business-Traxx is a comprehensive ERP accounting system. Handle Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), manage inventory, Human Resources (HR) and More. Business-Traxx can also be used a a POS. You can send and receive most data electronically, reducing the amount of paperwork and errors.
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Diner-Traxx is a Back Office  Accounting System de- veloped for the food service Industry.
Whether the establishment is a
full service restaurant and bar, a small quick service restaurant or even a food service vehicle; we have the system for you. Keep track of your food costs, food waste and man hours.
Expense-Traxx is a smart phone application for keeping track of expenses. Never worry about lost receipts again.
Just take a picture of the receipt with your smart phone. Then choose the purpose for the receipt, i.e. Dinner with clients, travel expenses, lodging, office expenses and any other costs that you may incur during the day.
If you have underground Storage Tanks, Aboveground Storage Tanks, A Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures.
(SPCC) Plan, or a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). We have a low-cost, easy to use on- line platform to handle all your reporting needs.
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In Today’s Business Environment it is a must to have a web Presence. With the
advent of the internet and social media hardly anyone utilizes the traditional methods of advertising. (i.e. Yellow Pages). A proper website with links to social media is the best advertising dollars a business can spend.
As part of your marketing strategy. To present a professional image a proper business E-Mail
account is desired. G-Mail, Hotmail, yahoo, AOL is fine for you personal e-mails. A business requires proper e-mail accounts. Along with your domain name for your web-site; www.yourname.com, an e-mail address any.name@yourname.com is easily implemented.
To present a professional image. A virtual phone system is an easy way to do that. If you as the business  
owner spend time away from the office or your retail facility; a phone tree that can forward calls to your cell phone or those of your other employees, sales team, technicians, etc...
A database is basically a collection of speadsheets linked to to- gether. Our
Traxx family of products can handle almost all of the needs for any business; however if you require something specialized particular to your industry, we can create a custom database to your specifications.
Data retention is always an issue for any business. The IRS usually requires a busi- ness keep records for 10 years.
Usually this means having boxes of receipts and invoices for each month and year. This can take up a lot of space. We can provide a search-able cloud storage to eliminate the need for the retention of hard copy documents.
Any business deals with Vendors, Credit Card processors and of course your customers.
We can provide an complete system integration for your business. We can poll data from you POS (Point of Sale)  system, credit card processor and vendors an provide an easy import into one of our Traxx Platforms.
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